Over 40 Years Experience


Mobile Patrol

 Shelton Moreland offers patrol service as a security measure and deterrent, by patrolling  the parking areas and perimeter of our clients’ property. Our patrol  service is a cost effective crime deterrent solution. We ensure that  each property receives personalized attention from our staff of  qualified officers and management teams.  

Armed/Unarmed Guards

 “Top quality, armed/unarmed security personnel for a variety of positions and  venues. Services include asset protection, mobile patrol, or fire watch.  Eliminate daily distractions, increase productivity, and drive bottom  line results. 

Personal Protection

 Our personal protection teams consists of our most qualified personnel,  all of whom have previous military or law enforcement training, creating  a highly effective and proficient team for your protection.

Whether it be the classic bodyguard, or silent unnoticed companion, our team can cover you locally, interstate or internationally, or whatever  your needs may be.